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Pulsar Glow In the Dark Quartz Terp Beads 6mm - 2 Pack

Pulsar Glow In the Dark Quartz Terp Beads 6mm - 2 Pack

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If you're into dabbing and haven't tried terp beads yet, you're missing out. These Pulsar Quartz Terp Beads are designed to go into your banger nail to enhance flavor and increase vapor production.

Terp beads work by evenly distributing the concentrate on the surface of the banger.  They're perfect for low-temp dabs or for bangers that don't distribute heat well. 

Just drop 1 or 2 terp beads into your go-to banger nail and you're good to go. There are 2 terp beads in each package. 

Many people use these terp beads with a directional carb cap and terp tongs to create the ultimate dab setup. No matter how you use them, you're going love dabbing even more than you do now.

Terp beads are affordable dabbing accessories that elevate the entire dabbing experience. Get yours today and join the growing tribe of terp bead enthusiasts!

  •  2 Pack
  •  High quality opal quartz construction
  •  Improved Airflow
  •  Increases Vapor and Flavor
  •  Made for Quartz Bangers
  •  Oil Accessories
  •  UV Reactive
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