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Truemoola Delta 8 Vegan Fun Cube Extra Strength 600mg Gummies Lifestyle Image

CBD & THC Products


Truemoola is one of our favorite brands here at NYC Glass! They stand by a 100% CASH BACK guarantee on all of their products*. Their quality control starts from the flower all the way to the finished product. Truemoola's mission is for you to get to the mental state you desire with a safe, triple lab tested high quality products.
Their Motto: "Stay true to your moola, use Truemoola"

*100% Cash Back Guarantee only valid if buying direct from Truemoola, this offer does not apply to any purchases made from www.nycglass718.com
The Delta 8 Extra Strength Fun Cube Gummies
The Vaporesso Xros Nano Pod System Handheld Lifestyle Image

Pod Juice Pod Systems


Experience the artistry of vaping with Vaporesso's exceptional pod systems. With innovative devices that are meticulously engineered to deliver unparalleled performance, giving you a taste of luxury with every puff. Combining affordability and reliability, Vaporesso brings you the best of both worlds. Discover the true meaning of sophistication as you elevate your vaping experience with Vaporesso.

The Vaporesso Xros Nano Pod System
Randy's Inspo 510 Battery and Concentrate Vaporizer Dual Battery Device Lifestyle Image

Smoke Shop


Discover the Unmatched Quality of Randy's Devices: A truly wholesome and dedicated company, that provides their customers with top notch quality products and customer support! A manufacturer that truly listens to YOUR feedback!

The Randy's Inspo+ Plus 510 Battery / Wax Vaporizer
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We stand by the brands and products we sell. Our #1 goal is customer satisfaction! There's enough going on in the world. We are here to keep people united, happy & alleviate some of the stresses inflation has caused. We have unbeatable prices because we don't focus on price wars with competitors, you can depend on us to have the best pricing at all times. Our main focus is not about making the most profit, it's about creating a community of good vibes only!

- NYC Glass

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NYC Glass 718 is your premier online smoke & vape shop located in the heart of New York. Servicing customers across the US with the highest quality products & top brands in the industry at the lowest prices & the best customer care!

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