What Makes The Randy's Inspo+ Plus Your New Favorite Device?

What Makes The Randy's Inspo+ Plus Your New Favorite Device?

Discreet Design: The Randy's Inspo+ is a small stealth vape that can fit in the palm of your hand and can quickly slip into pockets or purses.

Auto-Draw Activated
: The Inspo Plus is button-free and can be activated with just your breath. Simply inhale to vape, change settings, or begin the Inspo Plus' pre-heat mode. But don't worry if that's too much to handle: The Inspo Plus also has a button at the bottom which can do the same things.

Sand Quartz Atomizer Included: Get started vaping your concentrates right away with the Randy's Inspo+ Sand Quartz Atomizer. This 510-threaded cartridge has a fritted-quartz dish to maximize airflow and to heat quickly.

Extended Battery Life: The Inspo Plus boasts a 1000 mAh battery- that's 1.5x larger than the regular Randy's Inspo!

New LCD Display: The Randy's Inspo+ has a new LCD display filled with useful information including battery life, voltage setting, and a puff counter.

510-Thread: With a 510-thread connection, the Randy's Inspo+ can support most vape cartridges and 510 accessories on the market today. Use the included Sand Quartz Atomizer, or plug in your favorite accessory.

Auto Draw Activated:
The Randy's Inspo+ features auto-draw, a button-free vaping experience where you simply inhale to activate your cart and vape. But, the Inspo+ has many features which can all be activated by inhaling:

  • Rapid draw 2 times to activate preheat. The Inspo will stay activated for 15 seconds at a constant 1.8 V. Preheating will stop if any other operation happens. 
  • Rapid draw 3 times to adjust voltage between 5 settings: 
    • 2.4 V: Yellow Light, 1 signal bar on display
    • 2.6 V: Purple Light, 2 signal bars on display
    • 2.8 V: Green Light, 3 signal bars on display
    • 3.4 V: Blue Light, 4 signal bars on display
    • 3.8 V: Red Light, 5 signal bars on display
The Randy's Inspo+ Plus has a little button on the bottom. Pressing it once will turn on the LCD display to show you all sorts of information. The button on the bottom of the Inspo Plus can also do all the functions listed above:
  • Press the button 2 times to turn on pre-heat,
  • Press the button 3 times to cycle between 5 voltages.
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