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Fullsend Off Spec HHC CBN Gummies 500mg 15ct Bag

Fullsend Off Spec HHC CBN Gummies 500mg 15ct Bag

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Our Off-Spectrum Hemp gummies are packed with the greatness of our usual high quality hemp distillate, plus a few new compounds meant to enhance the entourage effect and overall experience.

What is Off-Spec?

Off-Spec is derived from the hemp plant. This naturally occurring compound has mild psychotropic effects on the body, providing consumers with a more mild subtle than traditional Delta-9. HHC distillate is one of the strongest, most pure cannabinoids derived naturally from the hemp plant. With 35mg of HHC distillate and CBN in each gummy, your pain, insomnia, and relaxation will no longer be hard to achieve. Start with 1 gummy and increase as needed to find your proper dosage!

Effects may vary from one consumer to another, as everyone's body chemistry and sensitivity to certain compounds are unique. However, users generally report a positive mood boost, relaxation, improved focus and relief from anxiety and paranoia. It has also been recognized as a great option for pain management.

Why wait? Grab a bag of our Off-Spec hemp gummies and experience the benefits in a fun and delicious way!

  • 15 pieces
  • 500mg HHC/CBN per bag
  • 35mg HHC/CBN per piece 
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