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Dr Dabber Switch Portable E-Rig Vaporizer

Dr Dabber Switch Portable E-Rig Vaporizer

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The Dr. Dabber Switch is the newest game-changing induction vaporizer made to produce excellent vapor quality in seconds. The Dr. Dabber Switch features 25 heating profiles. Its torch free and allows you to choose the best temperature for extracting your favorite or unlocking your favorite compounds.

Dr. Dabber Switch is a versatile induction heating vaporizer offering flower and concentrates modes. It comes with induction cups to maximize and optimize the vaporization of the chosen materials.

Not only does the Switch have calibrated temperature profiles, but the device also has lightning-fast heating speeds, long battery life, and provides excellent tasty vapors due to its advanced technology.

In stealth mode, the glass top will only indicate the functions and not light up, which is ideal for discreet and relaxing sessions.

Customization & Versatility

The Dr. Dabber Switch allows the consumer to switch from wax to herb in a snap. There’s a black ceramic induction cup for finely ground herbs and a white ceramic induction cup for oil.

Plus, 25 advanced heat settings allow you to customize your vaping experience, depending on your preferences, from 149°C to 427°C (300°F to 800°F). Not every session is meant to be the same, so Dr. Dabber created this device. You can also interchange the glass attachments as a desktop or portable vape.

Induction Heating

Rather than using convection or conduction technology, the Dr. Dabber Switch uses advanced induction heating technology.

This leverages the power of magnetic energy to create heat at precise temperatures ranging from 149°C to 427°C (300°F to 800°F). The high level of precision ensures consistent flavors with every use.

Additionally, this setup heats the vaporizer in as little as four to five seconds.

Useful Features

Designed with a self-cleaning mode, the Dr. Dabber Switch dissipates any excess residue remaining in the induction cups with heat, 427°C to be exact.

The vaporizer also features an automatic cool-down feature that is triggered at the end of the session. The LED lights will change to blue, indicating the device is cooling down. This feature helps preserve and extend the life of the product.

Long Battery Life

The battery is fully charged in one hour, which is a reasonably short charging time considering it can last up to 150 uses when used in low heat. If you use a medium or high heat setting, you may reduce the number of times the device can be used before the battery needs to be charged again.

However, the Dr. Dapper Switch is equipped with a pass-through charging mechanism that allows you to charge the vaporizer while using it simultaneously. You can perform unlimited vaping sessions while the device is plugged in.


Dr Dabber Switch Ceramic Induction Cup (Single)

Dr Dabber Switch Bubble Cap

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