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Dr. Dabber Ghost Atomizer Replacement

Dr. Dabber Ghost Atomizer Replacement

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The Dr. Dabber Ceramic Ghost Atomizer is a single replacement atomizer for the Dr. Dabber Ghost. Featuring Ceramicore technology paired with our award-winning Titanium Technology, this atomizer uses a medical grade ceramic wick wrapped with a grade 4 titanium heating coil.

The wick absorbs your oils or waxes and creates smooth, flavorful draws.

If you prefer having an all ceramic setup, this is the atomizer for you. (Mouthpiece not included)


The Ghost™ Atomizer is a single replacement atomizer for the Dr.Dabber Ghost™ Pen. Our award winning heating technology heats to the ideal temperature slowly allowing for maximum flavor while avoiding burnt and unpleasant hits. Atomizers are ceramic lined with medical grade titanium coils creating a smooth and potent draw. 

This award-winning replacement Dr. Dabber Ghost Atomizer features a glass wick wrapped in a grade 4 titanium coil. Renowned for its low heat titanium technology, this atomizer maximizes flavor and potency. 

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