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BRNT Designs Malua Concrete Storage Jar

BRNT Designs Malua Concrete Storage Jar

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Introducing the Malua Dual-Compartment Cannabis Storage Jar, where sophistication seamlessly blends with practicality. Unlike traditional containers, Malua's sleek and discreet design doesn't demand darkness; it thrives in the spotlight. Building upon the iconic Hexagon shape, the Malua is the embodiment of form and function perfection. Whether you're curating Sativa or Indica strains, the Malua simplifies the organization and storage of your botanical treasures with its ingenious split-storage system and airtight seal.

Notable Enhancement:

The Malua boasts a subtle improvement—a slightly wider opening to accommodate larger buds, ensuring your precious botanicals are always comfortably nestled within.

Key Features:

  • Dual Storage Compartments: The Malua's dual compartments provide an ideal solution for segregating and preserving different strains, allowing you to savor their unique qualities.
  • Walnut Lid with Airtight Seal: Crafted with a Walnut lid, the Malua ensures an airtight seal, preserving the freshness and potency of your cannabis.
  • Strain Tracking Marks: Built-in markings facilitate tracking and labeling of your strains, keeping you organized and in control.
  • Dimensions:
      • Interior Compartment:
      • Width: 70mm (2.75 inches)
      • Height (without lid): 70mm (2.75 inches)
  • Materials: Composed of sealed concrete and adorned with a Walnut lid, the Malua combines durability with timeless aesthetics.
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