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URB THC Infinity Cartridge 2.2ml

URB THC Infinity Cartridge 2.2ml

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Urb THC Live Resin Infinity Blend Cartridges 2.2ml. Lifted Made’s THC infinity blend cartridges are back with a slight upgrade! Each cartridge is packed with 2.2ml of THC-JD, THC-H, THCP, Delta 8, and live resin terpenes, compared to the previous iteration being 1ml. But that’s not all! They have also added several additional flavor profiles to the lineup! Joining the original lineup, we have Watermelon Mojito, Lemonade Kush, Glue Berry, and Orangeade. Enjoy the flavors you already know and love, and don’t forget to try the new ones! Longer usage with a sleek, branded design. Pop the cart on to any 510 battery and you're off! 

End your night with a 3g Blunt from URB to top it off!


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