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Raw Classic Cone

Raw Classic Cone

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RAW Classic pre-rolled cones are times saving, just fill them up, twist and light up. They are easy to handle even for beginners or anyone who isn’t an a pro at hand rolling. Raw is pure and natural using an acacia gum that is harvested in the Ethiopia/Senegal region from Acacia trees. Classic 1 1/4 & King Size Pre-Rolled Cones are: Chlorine free, Eco-friendly, Burns extra slow and clean, Natural, light and pure.

1 1/4: 1 Pack 6 cones
1 1/4 Full Box: 32pks (192 cones)
1 1/4 Bulk Box: 75 cones

King Size 1 Pack: 3 Cones
King Size Full Box: 32 Packs = 96 Cones
King Size Bulk Box: 75 cones


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