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What is THCA Flower?

THCA flower contains high levels of THCA – also known as tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THCA). It’s important not to confuse THCA with THC, which is the acidic form of tetrahydrocannabinol.

When a cannabis plant is living or just freshly harvested, the cannabinoids within the plant exist in their acidic forms, like THCA or CBD-A. However, something called decarboxylation occurs once the plant is exposed to things like heat or light. 

Decarboxylation works to remove the acidic chain from the cannabinoid’s structure, converting it into THC: the same THC you know and love for the highs it brings from cannabis. 

In general, THCA hemp flower is popular among consumers who enjoy cannabis in its raw form. THCA is also said to promote myriad supportive results, making it a fantastic choice for consumers seeking soothing experiences. 

When kept in its raw form — or not activated — THCA doesn’t present any psychoactive effects. It can be great for consumers who want relief but do not want to experience intoxication. 

However, once you expose THCA flower to heat, like through smoking or vaporization, the cannabinoids turn into THC and become psychoactive. So, keep this in mind when considering THCA flowers and the effects you’re hoping to feel. 

Our THCA hemp flower is available in numerous strains, each boasting at least 20% THCA or higher. Every strain offers unique flavors and effects that are hard not to fall in love with, making you want to try each one to figure out which one’s your favorite. 

Our THCA flower is packaged well to ensure its ultimate freshness and quality, even through shipment. If you’re ever concerned about quality, CannaAid always offers copies of our COAs for all our products. This way, you can see the exact cannabinoid levels in your flower and what kind of impurities it was tested for. Thanks to these COAs, you can see firsthand how much effort CannaAid puts into providing quality, top-shelf THCA hemp flowers for your enjoyment. 

Not only is CannaAid’s high THCA hemp flower potent and flavorful, but it’s also affordable. Our THCA hemp flower for sale is always priced at low, competitive prices, so people with all sorts of budgets can experience the beauty of this unique type of product. CannaAid is proud to offer the best THCA flower at the best prices — and with so many options, you’ll keep coming back for more.

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