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STÜNDENGLASS Premium Gravity Bong

STÜNDENGLASS Premium Gravity Bong

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A lot of people try and figure out how to make a gravity bong at home, but you're never going to get close to the experience that the Studenglass gives you. You've never had a bigger, more intense hit come out of something that looks so classy and sophisticated.

The Stundenglass Gravity bong works like an old-school science project creating a vortex using a cyclone effect to do all the work of inhaling for you and capturing the biggest hit you can handle under a glass dome for you to inhale at your leisure. You load and cap the chamber, then flip the bong while lighting the bowl to have it pull in a massive hit of smoke, then flip it again to push all that smoke out, at your face.

The thing that some people don't get and others love about gravity bongs is that even though this bong features a ton of water, there is very little filtration and no drag. The smoke comes out pure and intense and all at once in a rush because of the pressure from the water moving into the second chamber. You will get destroyed by this gravity bong, but that's the point right?

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