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Grav Box Brown Metal Rolling Tray With Magnetic Lid

Grav Box Brown Metal Rolling Tray With Magnetic Lid

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Roll in style with our limited edition GRAV® Box Brown Metal Rolling Tray with Magnetic Lid! Made of sturdy metal and featuring original artwork from the zine, this tray is functional and a unique collectible item. The magnetic lid keeps everything in place while you roll up your favorite herb. So get yours today and make a bold statement with every session.


  • Size: Big enough to hold all your rolling supplies, small enough to stash in your secret spot.
  • Material: Made of sturdy metal, this tray can withstand even the clumsiest stoners.
  • This rolling tray will spark conversation by featuring artwork from the Rebranding Reefer Madness zine.
  • Magnetic lid: Magnets are fascinating.
  • Easy to clean with just a quick wipe down, leaving you more time to smoke.
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