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Fullsend Off Spec HHC Gummies 500mg 15ct Bag

Fullsend Off Spec HHC Gummies 500mg 15ct Bag

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Our Off-Spectrum Hemp gummies are packed with the greatness of our usual high quality hemp distillate, plus a few new compounds meant to enhance the entourage effect and overall experience.

What is Off-Spec?

Off-Spec is derived from the hemp plant. This naturally occurring compound has mild psychotropic effects on the body, providing consumers with a more mild subtle than traditional Delta-9.

Effects may vary from one consumer to another, as everyone's body chemistry and sensitivity to certain compounds are unique. However, users generally report a positive mood boost, relaxation, improved focus and relief from anxiety and paranoia. It has also been recognized as a great option for pain management.

Why wait? Grab a bag of our Off-Spec hemp gummies and experience the benefits in a fun and delicious way!

  • 15 pieces
  • 500mg per bag
  • 35mg per piece
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