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Ccell Cloak 510 Battery

Ccell Cloak 510 Battery

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The Hamilton Devices Ccell CLOAK gives you the ultimate in discretion and protection for your 510 oil cartridges, making it easy to take with you for those spontaneous moments when you have that need. No buttons, just inhale! You're going to love the way it feels in your hand, with a beautiful ergonomic design. The CLOAK is also built like a rock, using a strong, hardened PVC case, so you won't have to worry about dropping it into your pocket, backpack or purse. 


▪ Discreet design – no one will guess what it is!
▪ Inhale activated, buttonless technology (just suck and enjoy!)
▪ High protection value for your valuable oil cartridges
▪ Battery Capacity: 650mAh
▪ 3.6v only (good for most oil viscosities/thicknesses)
▪ Fits 510 Thread Cartridges (0.5ml and 1.0ml) NOTE: Maximum size for oil cartridge must be less than 2 1/4" (57mm) long/tall
▪ Rechargeable with Micro-USB Port
▪ Dimensions: 3.1" (H) x 1.3" (W) x 0.65" (D)


    1x Cloak Oil Cartridge Battery

    1x USB Charging Cable

    2x Replacement Silicon Seals

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